Devil's Island


The body covered with a strange white powder… the extremities gangrenous…
A face frozen in a grimace of pain…

Sarah Geringën is gripped with horror when she sees her father’s body. And is paralysed with fear when the pathologist gives her the key found in his stomach.
What if her father was not the man he seemed to be?
From murky Norwegian forests to icy Siberian plains, the former Special Forces inspector goes on a journey to confront a terrifying family secret. What will she discover in that old manor house isolated in the woods? Will she dare venture onto Devil’s Island?

Nicolas Beuglet’s new novel is a spine-chilling thriller that exhumes a horrifying unknown event from the depths of history and poses intriguing questions. How much of our ancestors live in us, for better or worse?

Publication : 19th September 2019
Number of pages :320 pages
Format :153x240 mm
Price :19.90€
ISBN :9782374481340