The Archipelago of the Forgotten

The Archipelago of the Forgotten

This story will make you doubt everything you thought you knew…

Detectives Grace Campbell and Sarah Geringën know this much: even though they have diametrically opposite personalities, they must work together to catch “the faceless man”—the architect of a diabolical plan to destroy humanity. 

They have only one lead: a manor house lost in the Scottish mists. Behind the closed shutters of the residence, a dour young widow moves about in the shadows. But is this woman really who she pretends to be? What the detectives uncover is beyond their worst assumptions.  

In a race against time, Grace and Sarah travel from Loch Ness to Norway, pushing back the boundaries of fear to reach the mysterious Archipelago of the Forgotten—the last stronghold against the reigning chaos of the world.

A chilling and disturbing thriller. 

What’s taking place in the mysterious islands leaves us with a choice. What kind of civilization are we—are you—going to choose? 

Publication :22th September 2022
Number of pages :400
Format :153x240 mm
Price :20.90€
ISBN :9782374484778