The Passenger with no face

The Passenger with no face

“You’re not the only one searching for the truth”…

The anonymous letter left on her doorstep is more than a signal: it’s an electric shock. Inspector Grace Campbell knows that she has no other option left this time. She has to open the security door at the bottom of her apartment – and thereby face the secret that has been haunting her for so many years…

The nail-biting suspense takes us from the isolated Scottish countryside to the depths of the Black Forest where the most chilling fairy tale of our childhoods is re-enacted. Grace could never have imagined she would be riding this train that appeared out of nowhere, having to confront the Passenger with no face…

With this new gripping thriller, Nicolas Beuglet plunges us into the most terrible perversions of our society, raising the question along the way: what if, among the powers that run the world, faceless monsters are hiding?

The new Grace Campbell investigation

A train, a passenger with no face & a terrifying society

«Diabolical […] Nicolas Beuglet is the new voice of the French thriller.» Sandrine Bajos, Le Parisien

Publication :16th September 2021
Number of pages : 368
Format :153x240 mm
Price :19.90 €
ISBN :9782374483610